#7561 Merge fedora-repos-modular into fedora-repos
Closed: Fixed 5 years ago Opened 5 years ago by sgallagh.

I discussed this last week with @mohanboddu but here's a ticket to track it. I'm working on creating a Change Proposal for Fedora 29 to make modules available on all installations. The release-engineering impact should be limited to merging the repo packages together, though we will need to consider mirror impact from the infrastructure side. Pinging @kevin, @smooge and @puiterwijk for that.

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5 years ago

Fedora Release Engineering acknowledges the change.

We will update the fedora repos package as part of the request.

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5 years ago

@sgallagh , just checking in on this ticket since F29 Beta Freeze is Aug 28. Is there anything releng can do?

This is complete and just needs to be closed.

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5 years ago

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