#7528 uncancellable zombie koji builds
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 3 years ago by zbyszek.

Please see the following tasks:

golang-github-ojii-gettext.go: https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=24004
pyrasite: https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=13872
fflas-ffpack: https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=12144

The have been "running" for days / months. koji cancel doesn't seem to have any effect.

All canceled.

I used koji call cancelBuild to do that... I'm not sure if that works for everyone or only admins, but it does work when normal cancel doesn't.

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3 years ago

@till These one are still in "building" state today (Fri Jun 1 00:00:23 CEST 2018) :

boo- https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=1414
Started Tue, 29 May 2018 15:06:53 UTC
Est. Completion Tue, 29 May 2018 15:39:34 UTC

pyrasite-2.0-14.fc29: https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=1061174
Started Tue, 29 May 2018 06:25:29 UTC
Est. Completion Tue, 29 May 2018 07:30:25 UTC

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