#7515 Review Perl Move to MetaCPAN Fedora 29 change
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I'd like to mass update URL and Source tags in Perl packages in Fedora 29 because upstream is changing the canonical location. I believe it does not cause any harm to release engineering work. See https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Perl_Move_to_MetaCPAN for more details.

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On Thu, May 24, 2018 at 07:28:45PM +0000, Igor Gnatenko wrote:

why is it system-wide?

Because it affects thousands of packages. A self-contained change needs to
enumerate owners of every affected package. The list of packages still changes
as people updates their packages. Thus system-wide change.

Page https://log.perl.org/2018/05/goodbye-search-dot-cpan-dot-org.html says that the old URLs will be served by the new service. They say, “You do not need to update any links right now”. It might be better to wait and see how things shake out before making any big changes at our end.

metacpan.org is not a new thing. It has been existing for many years and it's
actually preferred. The announcement declares decomissioning of the old
service. The old service will be replaced with a redirector that will point to
the metacpan.org. If metacpan.org dies, the old URLs won't work either. This
Fedora change is about removing one element from a chain between Fedora and
CPAN. An element that can get broken itself. In my opinion, the Fedora change
actully increases stability of the chain.

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3 years ago

Release Engineering acknowledges this change and does not believe releng work is required.

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