#7490 container/waiverdb has no f28 branch?
Closed: Get back later a year ago by syeghiay. Opened 2 years ago by ralph.

It has master and f27, but no f28. Did it get missed in mass-branching?

As packagers, we're disallowed by dist-git to push the branch ourselves.

/cc @gnaponie

@ralph So, I think I found the issue, we are getting active namespace items (rpms,modules,containers) from pdc using a releng script but its looking at the name "master" under "component_branches" end point but for container/waiverdb it has "rawhide" as its name in pdc which might have got skipped during branching.

The way I see it, you cannot fedpkg request-branch for container namespace.

So, is this ticket for to debug why it got missed or you want us to create the branches as well? (Since I know you can do it as well 😜)

@mohanboddu I think the branches needs to be created for waiverdb and varnish.

Since no response from @ralph , closing. Please reopen if still an issue.

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