#7480 Fedora 29 Mass Rebuild
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The fedora 29 schedule[1] has a mass rebuild scheduled for Jul 11 2018, We need to plan and coordinate all tasks in preparation for it.

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/29/Schedule

Also see #7469, a lot of packages were not properly rebuilt for the F28 mass rebuild. Would be great to figure out why and to make sure this will not happen again for F29.

I propose to postpone until annobin is fixed.

It got fixed today.

I no longer know any reason to postpone. Thanks.

We are currently delaying the mass rebuild, we will re-evaluate on Fri 11 July 2018.

Change Request on which people are still working on is

Known issues:

on Fri 11 July 2018

the 13th, perhaps?

@herrold Yup thats right, thanks for finding it.

(Apparently, I cant calculate dates :smile: )

Issues with binutils got fixed earlier than expected. binutils-2.30.90-3.fc29 should solve all the issues.

So, we are kicking off mass rebuild even before Friday Jul 13th.

We will start the mass rebuilds in few min, that is on Thu Jul 12th around 18:00 UTC.

This can be closed now.

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