#7428 Anaconda & bodhi update improvements
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I would like to start by saying that the Bodhi update process works just fine for Anaconda during freeze periods - we just build a new version of Anaconda or any of it's related packages with all the blocker a FE fixes, put it to an update and basically hand it over to Fedora QA, who handle the rest (make sure it ends up in the appropriate compose, etc.).

Where I think the Bodhi process does not really work are the periods when Fedora is not in freeze (so after Bodhi activation and before Beta freeze and after Beta freeze and before Final freeze).

As regular users are rather unlikely to test Installer updates (with the whole "you need to reinstall your machine to test it" thing) so the Anaconda updates generally sit there for the full 7 days (+any Bodhi push overhead) and are then pushed to stable possibly without any testing. Also any changes to the update, such as adding a fixed build or adding additional packages reset karma and (IIRC) also the waiting period.

Given that the no-freeze period are generally about two weeks, it's actually pretty challenging to get any regular Anaconda updated to stable at all. This can then result in users getting 6+ weeks (4 weeks freeze, 1-2 weeks in Bodhi) of changes at once, possibly right before the next freeze. Or the update might not even make it in before the next freeze has started due to all the delays, complicating maters further.

I'm not sure if there is a simple solution for this (other than "go bother Adam/Fedora QA for each update") but it would be ideal if each Anaconda update would both:
- get some actual testing (other than our unit tests/CI)
- would reach composes much sooner, making it possible to do more smaller releases outside of the freeze period, making the discovery and fixing of release blocking issues more likely before they can wreak havoc during the freeze period

Maybe some more automated CI & some notification mechanism for Fedora QA that fires when new updates for Anaconda shows up ? Ideally with some commitment to tests it & push to stable if it looks fine.


Those are the two attempts I currently have pending to get this handled. They've both been sitting around for months. Believe me, I've been sorely tempted to just write my own damn thing to build images for testing, but so far I'm holding out.

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@mohanboddu made some progress on this but then got delayed. Will get back on it. Will aim for F31 final.

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This is currently being worked on and there will be work available by 25th May 2020 to be reviewed.

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