#7317 Changes/Remove GCC from BuildRoot
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago Opened 2 years ago by ignatenkobrain.


It definitely has impact on releng and is asking you do to some work ;)

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

Releng acknowledges that there is work to be done here.

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2 years ago

@mohanboddu when actually can we implement this change? What about in 2 weeks? I will perform 3rd mass rebuild to test which packages will be broken and then we can remove gcc from buildroot. Thoughts?

@ignatenkobrain What do you mean by 3rd mass rebuild?

From RelEng meeting on 2018-03-08

ignatenkobrain will let releng/infra know about his 3rd mass scratch
rebuilds and once thats done we will remove gcc from buildroot

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2 years ago

I'm scheduling my own mass-rebuild now. Once it is over, I am going to send mail to devel@ and will ask you to finally remove it.

Just wanted to update this ticket. Thanks for attention.

@ignatenkobrain Sure, I can remove gcc from buildroot.

Just want to know, are you also working on updating the spec files which require gcc on build time and rebuild them?

@mohanboddu, after weekend I will gather list of packages and push commit with adding BR: gcc.


$ koji block-group-pkg f29-build build gcc
$ koji block-group-pkg f29-build build gcc-c++

Regenerated the f29-build repo as well.

@ignatenkobrain Please update and close this ticket once your script done patching spec files with BR's.


So I think this is done. I've fixed around 1800 packages. There are definitely more but I didn't find patterns right away. I suppose that it was most of the packages.

So let's close this. Thanks for cooperation!

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2 years ago

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