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This issue is for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/AnacondaModularization.

No actions should be required from release engineering team.

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@jkonecny we talked this through a little on #fedora-releng.

Release Engineering uses anaconda in a chroot for LiveCDs using livemedia-creator.

Per @ausil we do not believe that DBUS works inside a chroot. We will need to collaborate on how to make this work once the changes are in place.

Aren't other images (e.g. Cloud disk images) also built via anaconda?

@adamwill This is the build of anaconda itself basically.

DBus is multiple things - a protocol, and two default bus instances (the system and user/session).

It's not that "DBus dos not work in a chroot" - it's a lot more accurate to say that "There's no system bus by default". But it's very easy to spin up a private bus; a lot of software does this in make check (which is inside that same mock chroot); among others, dbus itself, rpm-ostree, tons of desktop software, etc.

What I'd say is that the Anaconda developers should have a script/entrypoint that they've tested a bit that runs in mock --old-chroot. It should simply be a matter of using dbus-run-session - however, the code in that case would need a --session flag to know to look on the session bus and not the system.

To keep maximal symmetry with the "anaconda as livecd app" case (i.e. what we usually mean when we say "Anaconda"), it may be simplest to structure the upstream code to always use a private bus instance.

@walters @kellin actually we were thinking about running Anaconda every time in private bus session before in the past. And we are using private bus session even now for local testing so I think it shouldn't be that painful to use it there the whole time. I will discuss this with the rest of the team to be sure that I'm not missing something.

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5 years ago

We solved this issue by moving Anaconda to session bus which is started by Anaconda if it is not already running.

PR for this: https://github.com/rhinstaller/anaconda/pull/1346

Tested on Lorax and livemedia-creator inside of a mock.

PR above was merged. I guess new Anaconda release will be on Monday and with this new release some parts of the Anaconda will be running on DBus.

We just did builds for rawhide and F28 which are using DBus by default. If anything goes wrong feel free to contact us on IRC or file a bug.


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