#7124 Splitting the "sustmi" GNOME Shell extensions into separate packages
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I maintain two GNOME Shell extensions, currently subpackages of the gnome-shell-extension-sustmi package. Upstream finally decided to split the extensions into separate git repositories, so now I think it makes sense to split them into separate RPMs.

I have a couple open review requests on Bugzilla to make sure there's a sane upgrade path. They've been marked as approved.

But from reading the Upgrade Paths wiki page, it's not super clear to me what to do next. Someone in RelEng needs to approve the new packages, right...?

Oh, I noticed the "Upgrade Paths" wiki article also says to start the process of retiring the old original package in unstable branches of Fedora and on EPEL. I've executed fedpkg retire ... now for EPEL7, f27, and master.

The old subpackages do not appear in any comps or Spins, as far as I know.

These are GNOME Shell extensions, not fonts, so I don't know if I should be emailing some other SIG mailing list.

Is there anything else I need to do? Let me know.


Sorry, one more time. Is there anything else I need to do before the newly split packages can be accepted? Let me know.

I've posted to the devel and packaging mailing lists but haven't gotten a lot of response there either.

Sorry to keep bumping this thread. Maybe things had slowed down because it was the end of the year. Can I get final approval on the package split? Or is there something else I was supposed to do?

New packages are complete and added to the Fedora repos now.

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