#6876 Please review the Graphical Applications as Flatpaks change proposal

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At this point:

  • No extra deliverables for releases are expected
  • The existing deliverables are not modified

The goal is to keep Flatpaks and server containers very much in sync and going through the same code paths, so as releng processes are adapted to deal with applications and modules that are independent of the major Fedora release schedule the same work will handle both types of containerized content.

Unless self-service ways to create dist-git repositories in modules/ and containers/ or the suggestion of "self-contained applications" with rpm+module+container directly in rpms/ is suggested, there may be a considerable increase in the number of requests to create modules and containers, since we eventually expect many hundreds of flatpaks within Fedora. We'll try to keep the number small until we feel the file formats and tools are sufficiently mature.

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Releng acks the Flatpak work. It will require lots of tooling work which may have been developed as part of modular support. We need to work with the tool maintainers to enable shipping Flatpaks through the releng pipeline.

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