#6842 Check of an impact for renaming perl and perl-core packages
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by ppisar.

I want to implement perl Package to Install Core Modules Fedora Change in Fedora 27. It will rename "perl" package to "perl-interpreter" and "perl-core" package to "perl".

Now, perl is subset of perl-core. After the change perl-interpreter wil be subset of perl. Subset in the sense of provided files, RPM Provides and required dependencies.

The only negative impact I foresee is that users that have already explicitly installed perl package will get more packages installed after the upgrade. This can be fixed locally by uninstalling perl package explicitly.

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4 years ago

releng acknowledges the change. we appreciate the heads up and will take the change into account if we start seeing artifacts growing in delivery size.

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4 years ago

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