#6815 Please, review the Host and Platform Fedora 27 Change Proposal and provide feedback
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 5 years ago by psabata.

The incomplete change proposal can be found here:

This change involves two specific Release Engineering tasks, as discussed during the Release Engineering meeting last week:

  • a new tag representing the new self-hosting buildroot module (module-bootstrap-master) set needs to be created; this is tracked in #6791
  • assistance with tagging secure-boot group packages into this tag will be required

See the Host and Platform wiki page for more information about the concept, how it differs from Base Runtime and what is the Bootstrap module used for.

Thanks in advance.

Note as far as I'm concerned, this change has been ready for review. The possibly confusing "incomplete" in the description refers to it not being formally pushed to the change wrangler.

@ausil provided some comments yesterday. I've included most of the details from the separate page in the change proposal directly and cleaned it up a little.

This change is not about delivery, just shuffling content around, but it's possible it will become an umbrella change proposal for many of the modularity changes in F27. @ralph might have something to add.

I updated the change proposal so that it

  • now includes links to both relevant release engineering tickets (both already implemented) and
  • references the Modular Release change for which @ralph is the primary contact and which focuses on delivering modular things.

@ausil, is there anything still blocking releng from blessing this particular change?

As we agreed last week, I flipped the ready-for-wrangler flag and the change was announced on Monday. This ticket feels pretty dead. Shouldn't it have some tags, shouldn't it be closed? I don't know...

Metadata Update from @ausil:
- Issue tagged with: changes, f27

4 years ago

releng acknowledges the change, and that there will be work needed. leaving this issue open to track work related to this change

Metadata Update from @ausil:
- Issue tagged with: change-ack

4 years ago

Metadata Update from @mohanboddu:
- Issue tagged with: f28

4 years ago

[11:02] ( sgallagh) Kellin: Delivered in F28. Close it out. Thank you

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- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

3 years ago

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