#6807 Recent mass rebuild on May 15th built master branch to .fc26, and f26 to .fc27
Closed: Fixed 5 years ago Opened 6 years ago by mcsontos.

One of our packages was hit by mess rebuild on May 15th:

device-mapper-persistent-data on koji.

The master branch was built into .fc26 and f26 branch into .fc27.

This was discovered by accident, as now nothing in rawhide provides the newer dependencies, as the old one from f26 gets pushed to repo.

Is this a package problem?

Was this releng mistake, and if so:

  • Could this cause packages which are not supposed to be in F26 to get there?
  • What is plan to fix it? Another mass rebuild?

-- Martian

So we are no the only one, found cmake is affected as well. Having wrong libraries versions and compilers in buildroot is rather serious.

@mcsontos We did a mass rebuild recently and I made a mistake in the order the build roots are provided, thats why it happened. I am working on fixing it.

@mohanboddu, Thanks for update. Just make sure the updates are not propagated to stable, or we will get a handful of false blockers.

Also I wonder if it would make sense to refactor the script to use 2 dictionaries instead of bunch of undocumented arrays which seems rather brittle...


@mcsontos We are in a freeze so definitely they are not going to stable and yes, I will look into changing the script to make it more robust.

Fixed the issue and created new updates for the builds that got affected:


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5 years ago

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