#6775 Please Review Arbitrary Branching Change Proposal and Provide Feedback
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As you may have heard during DevConf 2017, the Modularity and Factory 2.0 teams are proposing a different package branching strategy for Fedora 27. If you missed the talk and are interested, please watch https://youtu.be/5gqccjyjwFk?t=26m27s

Since this proposed change would largely affect Release Engineering and the Fedora community as a whole, we'd greatly appreciate your time in reviewing this Change Proposal and providing any feedback:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me (mprahl@redhat.com) or Ralph Bean (rbean@redhat.com).

Thank you for your time and help.

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5 years ago

We had a discussion on the change today. we are good with arbitory branching, we are extremely concerned over the remove of pkgdb so fast. particularly given the point we are in for the Fedora 26 schedule as we would hate to delay Fedora 26 any further due to being unable to get some update built and out due to a breakdown in the systems.

Typically invasive changes like they we roll them in gradually. Introducing in rawhide then inheriting the changes into new releases and waiting for the stable releases to go EOL. We are also concerned over a lack of resources to help or do any of the work at the current point in time. everyone is focused on getting Fedora 26 out the door and our workload for Fedora 27 is almost full.

Lets see how things go in stage. and we can see what can or can not be done

For those of you who are following this ticket but not the FESCo ticket, there have been updates in the FESCo ticket that may be of interest:

Specifically, @ralph updated the proposed timeline for these changes:

We will be further discussing this change in the next FESCo meeting.

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5 years ago

Releng acknowledges that there is likely work we will need to do, and will work with external teams to help ensure successful completion.

Leaving open so that we can record work that needs doing

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5 years ago

Arbitrary branching work is done with pagure over dist-git.

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