#6699 generate Fn+2 keys before Fn is released and distribute them in Fn and Fn+1
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I tried to update some rawhide installations and the upgrade failed because I was missing the F27 keys. But the fedora-repos package that I had didn't yet have the F27 key. Things would be much easier if the keys for future fedora release were available much earlier.

So I'm asking for the Fn+2 key to be available when Fn goes stable. Doing it this early means that it will be possible to install Fedora from the installation media, and then install signed packages from Fn+2 directly.

Otherwise, doing it sometime early after Fn is released would also be a good moment when there's less of pressing issues.

even with a fedora-repos with the f27 key in it you hit errors because of the changing releasever. there is a lot of corner cases we never considered when signing rawhide

Sure, but rpm --import /path/to/some/key is much nicer than not having the key at all and having to look for it.

Keys are updated after a mass branching. Releng has to make sure that the rawhide keys are included in the current available Fedora releases.

Closing this ticket. Please open a new one if this problem still exists.

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