#6601 Migrate the rel-eng tickets from (old) trac
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 3 years ago by praiskup.

After quick discussion on #fedora-buildsys, I'm rather requesting here to not forget:

<praiskup> Hi all!  I'd like to be on https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/5622 CC, is there a way now?
<dgilmore> praiskup: there is no way
<dgilmore> you can make it but they can not be deleted
<praiskup> dgilmore, is this some bug in migration to pagure?
<praiskup> because that ticked filed by vondruch is still valid IMO
* vondruch nods
<dgilmore> praiskup: yes importing of issues from fedorahosted to pagure did not work
<dgilmore> so none of the issues migrated
<praiskup> dgilmore, I guess the migration is still on the plan, right?
<dgilmore> praiskup: not sure, nirik was working on it
<praiskup> I would propose two solutions, either (a) please migrate the tickets or (b) or revert the read-only change on old tracker in the meantime ...
<praiskup> nirik, wdyt ^?
<vondruch> praiskup, nirik: or at least announce that we should migrate by hand

It is definitely still planned to migrate the old trac tickets to the new pagure instance.

We have just run into tons of problems along the way.

Currently @pingou was working on some patches to allow us to dump everything to json, fix up the problems and re-import it. Hopefully he will have something there soon.

ACK, but I still think that having the old tracker read-only is not a good thing in the meantime.

This has been done, closing now

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3 years ago

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