#6442 oxygen-icon-theme: retired wrong branch (master)
Closed: Fixed None Opened 4 years ago by rdieter.

I botched retiring oxygen-icon-theme/epel7 branch and erroneously did master/ instead yesterday :(

I tried unretiring master/ in pkgdb, but it insists I give a (re)review URL.

Could someone unretire it please?

All fixed I think. ;)

Got the error by e-mail again, today:

lxqt-common has broken dependencies in the rawhide tree:
On x86_64:
lxqt-common-0.10.0-12.fc25.noarch requires oxygen-icon-theme
On i386:
lxqt-common-0.10.0-12.fc25.noarch requires oxygen-icon-theme
On armhfp:
lxqt-common-0.10.0-12.fc25.noarch requires oxygen-icon-theme
Please resolve this as soon as possible.

Okay, looking in SCM, oxygen-icon-theme is currently retired in both master and epel7. You want to recommit the sources into master. Dependency checker seems to look at SCM to detect orphans.

yeah, seems the retirement process untagged all the builds.

I see rdieter already tagged it back in, so tomorrow it should be fine.

Metadata Update from @rdieter:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 25 Alpha

3 years ago

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