#6410 add fuse-sshfs rpm to comps file: needed for cloud base vagrant image.
Closed: Insufficient data 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by dustymabe.

IMPORTANT: This does not have to be done for F24 - I don't want anyone to interpret it that way.

I'd like to add fuse-sshfs rpm to a group that can be accessed during install of the cloud images. Can we work through the best solution to adding that and make it happen at some point?

We are adding fuse-sshfs as an optional package in the cloud-server group for now:


In the future we will create a separate group for rpms for vagrant images.

We'll leave this ticket open to track the creation of the new groups for vagrant images.

Can this be closed now? Or is there some further action to take?

Hey Kevin,

There is further action. Please leave open and I'll try to get to it.

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4 years ago

closing this issue, please reopen when you are ready to deal with it

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4 years ago

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