#6392 qt(4)-related mass rebuild
Closed: Invalid None Opened 8 years ago by rdieter.

Per https://bugzilla.redhat.com/1327360 , it would appear that qt(4) builds done by gcc6 included an improper BUILD_KEY, making plugins binary-incompatible.

We've identified the problem and fixed it in qt, but this will require mass-rebuilding all (most?) packages against the fixed version.

So, I'm soliciting help to identify all f24/f25 packages with qt-devel-4.8.7-7 or newer (but older than the fixed qt-devel-4.8.7-15), and do some sort of mass rebuild.

We're brain-storming ideas on how to further limit the list of packages needing rebuilding. One is possibly limiting it to only packages that build plugins (include *.so files outside of %%{_libdir}), but not sure how practical that is yet.

Nevermind (for now), I've decided to take the minimal approach, and repoquery'd successfully for all packages providing plugins, and rebulding only those.

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7 years ago

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