#6388 Staging koji is broken
Closed: Fixed None Opened 3 years ago by mizdebsk.

Staging koji is not working: there are no active repos, some tasks are not being scheduled. Please fix this as it blocks Koschei testing in staging.

The problem here is that the new koji package requires python*-multilib to function (one of the very first lines in sbin/kojid is "import multilib"), which is not installed on koji01.stg.

The koji rpm seems to be missing the dependency on python*-multilib.

I have no idea where I can get an RHEL7 build for that package, and I'm not comfortable installing a package built for another distro (f23 instead of el7).

It's likely it's being prepped for the new koji signed repos feature so it could be in a state of flux. This is the express purpose of stg koji, to test new functionality, it's not guaranteed to be in a state of bliss at all times as a result.

I have fixed things, in the future for things in staging koji please ask in #fedora-releng and do not file a ticket unless we ask you to. while not perfect it will be broken at times and you have to expect that. while at it please make koschei submit a lot less builds to staging koji, it has 2 arma nd 2 x86 builders only, and what koschei is doing makes it extremely difficult for others to do any work.

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