#6285 Some packages which are pushed to stable (F23) are not available
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On my F23 workstation
dnf repoquery mariadb

Which is older than installed


and therefore dnf/yum refuses to upgrade. Notice the difference in z-version 20 vs. 21.

After investigation I found that while this package has been pushed to stable 2 months ago:
I checked two mirrors - e.g.:

And it contain the old

I suspect that it happened to more packages, however right now I can point to only mariadb.

This happened because a mega-update containing version 20 was pushed after 21 hit stable.


I just re-tagged mariadb-10.0.21-1.fc23 by hand, so it'll appear in the next mash.

Updating mariadb to a new version in the stable repo (which is what retagging effectively does) messes up the media compose process though. mariadb is included at least on the Server DVD and a package update would mean that we'd need a respin of the media as well to make sure the versions match. Adamw?

Yes, you're right. I've undone the tagging and mariadb-10.0.20-3.fc23 is still the 'latest' in f23. We'll have to tag 21 into f23-updates as a 0day update.

tagged mariadb-10.0.21-1.fc23 into f23-updates and untagged mariadb-10.0.20-3.fc23 from updates-testing. Therefore this should be fixed with the next push.

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