#6268 Please create a f22-gnome side tag
Closed: Fixed None Opened 5 years ago by kalev.


Please create a new f22-gnome side tag and build target. We'll be building GNOME 3.15.91 early next week and this would help ensure it doesn't cause instabilities in F22 proper while we're preparing the update.


Done, let us know when we can disable the target

koji add-tag f22-gnome --parent=f22-build --arches="i686,x86_64,armv7hl"
koji add-target f22-gnome f22-gnome

ping, what is the status here?

Currently in the middle of two releases. 3.16.1 is done and in stable already and 3.16.2 is going to be released in 10 days.

We'll need it for preparing 3.16.2 and then the build target can be deleted. I'll let you guys know in the ticket here when we're done with it.

We're done with 3.16.2 builds and it should be fine to remove the f22-gnome build target now. Thanks!

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