#6252 please create a rawhide and f23 side tag for llvm updates
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Hi guys,

I want to update llvm to 3.7 in rawhide and f23, but I'd like to build all the deps in a side tag first to make sure.

Can you create two tags?



Build with:

'fedpkg build --target f24-llvm'
'fedpkg build --target f23-llvm'

koji add-tag f23-llvm --parent=f23-build --arches="armv7hl,i686,x86_64"
koji add-target f23-llvm f23-llvm
koji add-tag f24-llvm --parent=f24-build --arches="armv7hl,i686,x86_64"
koji add-target f24-llvm f24-llvm

Let us know when you want them tagged in

can I get the rawhide tag moved over? I'm still working on the f23 one.

f23-llvm is done

Tagging julia-0.4.0-0.4.rc1.fc24 into f24
Tagging libclc-0.0.1-11.20150918git4346c30.fc24 into f24
Tagging llvm-3.7.0-1.fc24 into f24
Tagging mesa-11.1.0-0.devel.5.47e18a5.fc24 into f24
Tagging pocl-0.11-3.git20150917.522717b.fc24 into f24
Tagging 5 builds.
Tagged 5 builds.

Okay I'm finished with the f23 tag as well, can you move the builds and I'll go file an update. Thanks.

removed the f23-llvm target

Checking 5 builds...
Tagging julia-0.4.0-0.4.rc1.fc23 into f23-updates-candidate
Tagging libclc-0.0.1-11.20150918git4346c30.fc23 into f23-updates-candidate
Tagging llvm-3.7.0-1.fc23 into f23-updates-candidate
Tagging mesa-11.0.0-2.20150913.fc23 into f23-updates-candidate
Tagging pocl-0.11-3.git20150917.522717b.fc23 into f23-updates-candidate
Tagging 5 builds.
Tagged 5 builds.

you will need to create an update with the five builds. if there other things depending on specific llvm versions that will break now?

in theory if there was something else it would break now, but these were all the packages I could find depending on this particular version.

This was done a while back.

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