#6246 FEDORA-2015-14271 update seems botched and stuck :(
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update has been stuck queue'd for stable updates for over a week now... Hard to tell what exactly is wrong, except for bodhi error:

"...ejected from the push because u"Cannot find relevant tag for kf5-frameworkintegration-5.13.0-2.fc23: ['f23-updates-candidate', 'f23-updates-testing-pending', 'f23-updates-pending', 'f23-kde']"

I'm not sure what that means or more to the point, how to fix it.

Seems this is already being tracked @ bodhi, let's go with that,


I'd say we still need a releng bug, because even if the Bodhi bug that caused the mess gets fixed, we still need to clean up this specific mess that has been caused.

We urgently need to do so because it breaks KDE live image compose, and we're frozen for Beta now. This issue is effectively a Beta blocker (though we can't properly track those outside of RHBZ).

I guess the only plausible solution is to manually tag all the remaining packages stable (through the freeze), and make sure they get into the repo?

Should be fixed now.

I think I have fixed the tagging on that update.

Please do file a new ticket (here or on github against bodhi2) if you still see any issues with it.

Replying to [comment:6 sagitter]:

I think it's related to this issue: '''This update is currently locked and cannot be modified.'''

The update is locked is due to bodhi composing and pushing, it's as expected.

What can I do to fix?

To start with don't hijack another ticket that's unrelated and already resolved.

I'm not sure what the problem is, you need to describe it. Three out of the four you mention are pushed to testing as expected, the other has a trashcan tag so is being evicted as expected.

So if it's not resolved please open a new ticket with a detailed description of the issues you see.

Metadata Update from @rdieter:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 23 Beta

5 years ago

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