#6183 RPMs from rhel-7-workstation-rpms not mentioned in pkg_el7.json
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According to my knowledge, https://infrastructure.fedoraproject.org/repo/json/pkg_el7.json is the base for checking if a package is already part of RHEL 7 (if it's listed there it's in RHEL 7). However, the packages libisofs and libburn are not mentioned there at all, even they are in RHEL 7 (rhel-7-workstation-rpms). But why?

As result, branching the package for epel7, building and submitting as an update was possible. Fortunately somebody mentioned in the Bodhi update that the package is part of CentOS 7 (and thus likely of RHEL 7).

EPEL doesn't promise not to overlap with workstation. It's not part of our list.

For EPEL7 the full list is here in koji:

So, they are:


I'm not sure what we should do about workstation only packages. It makes me deeply sad that there are such things. ;(

We could ignore workstation, we could allow limited arch type packages for them, or we could add them to our list to conflict with.

In any case thats a decision for the epel folks. Can you start a discussion on the epel-devel list and/or file a epel ticket on it?

FYI: EPEL tickets can be filed here:

AFAICS there is nothing we can do here.

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