#6157 fedmsg notifications for "Fedora Secondary Arches" and "Fedora Other"
Closed: Fixed 4 years ago Opened 6 years ago by adrian.

To decrease the load on the master and mirror and the mirrors MirrorManager2 would like to change from cron based scanning and crawling to fedmsg triggered scanning and crawling. For the MirrorManager categories "Fedora Linux" and "EPEL" there are already fedmsg notifications when then compose has finished. For the MirrorManager categories "Fedora Secondary Arches" and "Fedora Other" there seems to be no such notification. Therefore it would be helpful to reduce IO if such notifications could also me made available once the content for "Fedora Secondary Arches" and/or "Fedora Other" has changed.

This would leave the MirrorManager categories "RHEL" and "Fedora Archive" as the only categories which would need to be checked via cron. From the name of the categories they probably do not change very often.

There is no notifications for when we put a Alpha, Beta or final release on the master mirror for primary arches. so Fedora Linux will have to be scanned also

As there have been fedmsg notifications for the MirrorManager category "Fedora Secondary Arches" for rawhide composes for a long time I have now opened a pull request which adds fedmsg notifications at the end of a "Fedora Secondary Arches" rsync run. This is important as an hourly umdl run (as it is configured currently) doesn't even finish in one hour and it puts unnecessary high IO load on the NFS backend. With the help of the mentioned PR umdl is only triggered if something actually changes and it is also triggered sooner than with the current cron based setup.


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closing this as fixed. all arches are done together now

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