#6035 read cloud image size from spin-kickstarts git repo instead of hardcoding in the script
Closed: Invalid 2 years ago Opened 4 years ago by mattdm.

Currently, the cloud image size is hardcoded at 3GB in https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/releng/tree/scripts/build-cloud-images#n39

This is apparently too small for current Atomic, and may actually be bigger than we want for Cloud Base. We want to fix the size problem in Atomic, though, and don't want to keep hassling with tickets to rel-eng to change the scripts.

Instead, please make this read from the spin-kickstarts file -- either a config file in spin-kickstarts (e.g. fedora-cloud-atomic.ks.cfg) or from the kickstart file itself (a special comment? i'm not sure that'll survive the kickstart smashing).

Reading from the kickstart file would be great, above patch is just a quick short term hack.

I have changed the atomic image to be 5G anaconda refuses to install if the disk is less than 3G which is why that value was chosen. more logic to deal with things automatically would not hurt. but the images can not be less than 3G

Lets try work out a more elegant solution going forward

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2 years ago

closing this as can't fix. pungi config requires we set the disk size, in most if not all cases we should actually just use autopartitioning

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