#6017 please give kushal permissions to do scratch cloud image builds in koji
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If I remember right (and I admit I remember only vaguely) there are special permissions required to build images in koji. Please give these to kushal so he can create scratch images to test things out. Thank you!

Is this access still required, Kushal?

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Is this access still required, Kushal?

Yes, I think it is -- this way, Kushal make sure that changes to cloud images work correctly in the koji build environment, hopefully avoiding issues like the current F21 beta builds where imagefactory is mysteriously failing -- or at least giving us early warning of them.

We do not give out this access, People are required to setup their own environments for testing. we have no way to limit the access so someone could only do scratch builds.

we should be getting early notificatin with the nightly builds, ensuring that they work I think should be enough.

Perhaps we can work out some way to get something setup for him to run them in a similiar environment?

14:49 < stickster> dgilmore: I'm working on getting him some baremetal support in a Westford lab at RH. But I need some additional suggestions since I'm not sure how long that will take.
14:50 < dgilmore> stickster: I am really not sure, we have always left it up to people to have thier own test environment
14:50 < stickster> dgilmore: Is there a way to duplicate the build environment that you can assist him with?
14:50 < dgilmore> we provide info for people to replicate the environment
14:50 * stickster doesn't know how complicated that setup is
14:51 < stickster> dgilmore: Is there a wiki page or some other URL I can read to understand it?
14:51 < dgilmore> stickster: its just a f20 host with local firewall serverly limiting outbound traffic to whats needed to do builds only
14:51 < dgilmore> stickster: its all in ansible

Dennis, I think Kushal has some cloud VMs he's current using. Perhaps it's possible for him to set up the environment there. Can I have him consult with you as he tries to do that, please?


he could ask me or Kevin if he has questions on how to set things up.

This seems like a good use case for having a working koji environment in staging. i.e., some place where it's already set up and ready to be hacked on. Kushal, if you have any spare cycles and want to look at that, we have some of the pieces in place but iirc the whole thing isn't quite working yet.

A working koji environment in staging seems very useful for a lot of things Peter and I were just talking about in a phone call. +1 to cycles spent working on making this a reality (at least post f21 release.)

But I'm not sure a staging environment captures what's needed here, which is to produce and debug test cloud images in the actual production environment (for the same reasons one might do a scratch build of a package in koji).

If the staging is done correctly, though, I would think problems in production would come down to identifying diffs with the staging environment, right? Which then points to improving the staging so it's as close to equivalent as possible. Kushal and I talked about this yesterday as well, so +1 to working on this post-F21.

We have a staging koji, but sadly it's not working right now. Perhaps we could get someone with cycles to look into why and fix it. It's close to done tho.

as we are looking at redoing the staging environment it is a use case we should keep in mind

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staging koji should be suitable now

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