#5988 F21 stable push requests
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This ticket will be used for requesting pushes of tested blocker / freeze exception fixes during F21 release freezes. See ​https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:SOP_blocker_bug_process and ​https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:SOP_freeze_exception_bug_process. Similar to TC/RC request tickets, this ticket can be closed by releng after each push and re-opened by QA each time a new push is needed.

First request, current Alpha blocker / FE fixes with sufficient karma to be pushed:

Done except for python-blivet as there's a newer one tagged into f21. ;(

Re-opening for the final Alpha push, to match RC1 package set. Some of these may not meet karma requirements but they must be pushed as they were in Alpha: please force push if necessary.

I think that's everything, please cross-check against bleed.

Re-opening for first 21 Beta freeze push request, just one update:

It'd be good to clear the decks ahead of TC4 compose with 0.61.5 and 21.48.10. Thanks!

Replying to [comment:9 adamwill]:

Re-opening for first 21 Beta freeze push request, just one update:

It'd be good to clear the decks ahead of TC4 compose with 0.61.5 and 21.48.10. Thanks!

Thanks =)

Re-opening, a couple more to go:

We were gonna push fedora-release, but not sure if that's wise with the bug it's causing in TC4.

re-opening, just for one thing but let's get it done:

Re-opening for some more builds from TC4/RC1. Some of these haven't hit their auto-push thresholds, but we usually say it's fine to push fixes that went into TC/RC builds so long as they have +2 and no issues are known.


Re-opening to make sure most of the Beta RC4 packages get pushed:

The only one missing is selinux-policy-3.13.1-91.fc21 , which was never submitted as an update. There is an update in for -92, but it does not have any karma yet, and roshi seems to be hitting issues doing some testing of it. I'm testing it too and saw one oddity in a live image I built. We'll play with that one a bit more. It's very unlikely it wouldn't get pushed before final, anyway, so we could probably just push the above list, then un-freeze for Final.

updates have all been pushed stable, selinux-policy-3.13.1-91.fc21 has been tagged into f21 we really need to ensure that everything has an update.

Builds have been pushed. thanks

(edit: extra build requests edited into previous comment)

Replying to [comment:26 adamwill]:

Re-opening for some more (nirik wants me to give masta something to do):


These have pushed now.

bodhi -P --push-release=F21 --push-request=stable --push-build=kernel-3.17.4-300.fc21 --push-build=fedora-productimg-server-21-6.fc21 --push-build=fedora-productimg-cloud-21-6.fc21 --push-build=fedora-productimg-workstation-21-6.fc21 --push-build=f21-backgrounds-21.1.0-1.fc21 --push-build=kamoso-2.0.2-21.20140902git.fc21 --push-build=gnome-themes-standard-3.14.2-2.fc21 --bodhi-url=http://localhost/updates


[ Mash Task #12 ]
The following actions were successful.
Moved the following package tags:
kamoso-2.0.2-21.20140902git.fc21 :: f21-updates-candidate => f21
fedora-productimg-workstation-21-6.fc21 :: f21-updates-testing => f21
fedora-productimg-server-21-6.fc21 :: f21-updates-testing => f21
f21-backgrounds-21.1.0-1.fc21 :: f21-updates-testing => f21
kernel-3.17.4-300.fc21 :: f21-updates-testing => f21
gnome-themes-standard-3.14.2-2.fc21 :: f21-updates-testing => f21
fedora-productimg-cloud-21-6.fc21 :: f21-updates-testing => f21

Re-opening for the last few 21 stable pushes. As we signed off on RC5, karma is now irrelevant, we must push all builds that were in it.

I believe that's everything, I've eyeballed pretty carefully, but if you want to hack up something to check bodhi against bleed or whatever that'd be great.

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