#5984 Adding metadata to the Fedora Workstation Live CD
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Hi Dennis, and other rel-eng dudes!

I've hit somewhat of a roadblock with this: http://blogs.gnome.org/hughsie/2014/08/29/putting-packagekit-metadata-on-the-fedora-livecd/

Basically, I need access to the post-mash (i.e. fedora, fedora-updates) from the compose server. This allows us to put the old metadata on the Fedora LiveCD so we don't have to wait the few minutes after install to be able to search for and install new applications.

I totally agree we don't want unfettered internet access, or even access to the mirror network, as I'm happy doing something like this in the fedora-live-workstation.ks file:

%post --nochroot
DESTDIR=$INSTALL_ROOT $INSTALL_ROOT/usr/libexec/packagekit-direct refresh --rewrite-baseurl fedora=http://some.local.ip.address/f21 --rewrite-baseurl updates=http://some.local.ip.address/f21-updates

On the assumption that some.local.ip.address is available from inside the LiveCD builder and gives us access to the mash'ed metadata only (I don't need packages, and it can even be a few days old with no penalty).

The alternative is that I ship the fedora and updates metadata in the PackageKit rpm file, which means doing a -0.01 day release of the RPM for the Live media, which makes everything so very fragile.

Other ideas of course welcome. Thanks!

so a big issue is that the way we do things there is no metadata for the Everything repo at compose time, and updates is empty. it comes after the fact. but as we redo the compose process in the lead up to Fedora 23 it is something we should consider

This got sorted out in the kickstarts repo.

Metadata Update from @rhughes:
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