#5880 update to pv-grub aki used in EC2
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I worked with oddshocks on this a little bit yesterday, and wanted to capture my understanding of the situation here. The current process for uploading Fedora AMIs is to write a filesystem to an EBS volume (this is according to a conversation with dgilmore last night). While the new pvgrub works with both unpartitioned and partitioned devices, the required grub.conf differs between these scenarios. Our current kickstart ( https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/spin-kickstarts.git/tree/fedora-cloud-base.ks ) specifically writes "root (hd0)" in grub.conf, which will only work will a volume containing a filesystem. If the volume contains a partitioned disk image, this must be "root (hd0,0)" instead.

Since the "why" of this issue mentions GPT partitions and possibly separating /boot, I suspect that we want to change the F21 kickstart to use "root (hd0,0)" and start uploading full disk images as part of this.

Is there a status here?

Did this get done for f21? Is there any releng work that still needs to be done here?

Cloud image handlinga nd registration is no longer managed by releng. there is not anything we can do here.

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