#5878 noarch packages corrupted on import on ppc.koji.fp.o
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(Filing a ticket so other people can weigh in / brainstorm without getting lost in an e-mail thread)

Recently (in the past 2 weeks or so) I've seen a number of source RPMs become corrupted when koji-shadow imports them to ppc.koji.fp.o. This was previously a once-in-a-blue-moon occurence but it's now happened multiple times. Most recently corrupted srpm:

  • moodle-2.5.5-1.fc20.src.rpm


  • mingw-gnutls-3.1.21-1.fc20
  • elementary-xfce-icon-theme-0.4-1.fc20
  • kde-l10n-4.12.3-1.fc20
  • oxygen-icon-theme-4.12.3-1.fc20

I've not noticed this happening with any f19 packages, and f21 isn't signed (which is when we typically notice this is when signing packages.)

ppc.koji is currently running koji-1.8.0-2.el6.

Any ideas for troubleshooting? It's not difficult to fix (I've documented the procedure I'm using at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Dwa#Corrupt_noarch_RPMs ) but it'd be nice for it to not happen at all.

Can you explain what you mean by corrupted? Have any logs/output or perhaps a live example?

After looking at an example, it appears these are due to truncated downloads. Apparently koji-shadow is not seeing an error. I suspect something wonky is happening on the network.
I think the way forward is to have koji-shadow verify/retry its downloads.

No need for this to have the meeting keyword or a ticket in releng trac. it is a bug in koji-shadow and needs to be moved to a koji bug.

Metadata Update from @dwa:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 20 Final

2 years ago

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