#5775 switch to partitioned image for EC2; remove editing of menu.lst from image processing
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The "hd00 aki" is like the pvgrub kernel image we are using now, but meant for a partitioned device. If we switched to doing this, we could avoid editing the menu.lst file, and therefore would have a more-identical image.
See http://www.dowdandassociates.com/content/howto-amazon-ec2-kernel-images-pv-grub/ (or http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/UserProvidedkernels.html, which seems to have vanished today) for more.

You can find the images in each region with:

euca-describe-images -o amazon --filter "manifest-location=pv-grub-hd00"

and of course take the newest version.

At this point, I doubt we want to change this by alpha, but maybe we could for beta?

We can look at this for F21, i also want us to offer HVM images as well as the paravirt ones we offer today.

Note that Amazon's guidelines have changed -- when I filed it, hd00 and hd0 were different. Now hd0 handles both cases -- as long as we use the latest.

AFAIK this has been done with the new upload service

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