#5678 koji package for cloud images so they can be non-scratch, and garbage collection policies for those packages
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We want to generate non-scratch cloud images. Because of a bug, these currently need to have the name of the architecture in the package. That will be fixed in the Real Soon Future, but in the meantime I'd like to get going with what we have. Could we please create koji packages named


And, we would also like to have a custom garbage collection policy for these; even though they are not scratch builds, they don't need to stay around forever. If we can do a nightly builds (ideal), then I think a week is fine; if they are weekly, keeping a month around seems good. Of course, longer is always better.

as ive said before, we will do it when the arch bug is fixed in koji. they should be called just fedora not fedora-cloud. there is a version field in the naming that should be used so release number should not be part of the package name.

when Koji is sorted we can add the packages, not before.

I would really not like to wait for the bug to be fixed, because this is blocking testing.

I'm okay with just calling them "fedora", although, doesn't that make a kind of ambiguous package name?

I think that the version number does belong in the name, as the version field should be used for the build date. However, I can also see the argument for, eg, "f20~nightly.20130718" as the version.

builds have name version release and architecture

so that breaks down to Fedora-20-20130718.i386

the images are not special and can be run everywhere. they do have a dependency on a metadata provider. we should be providing one that can be used in a local deployment.

I could see calling them Fedora-Minimal the same as we do the minimal image on arm.

They are not minimal images nor designed to be -- they have a special focus on the cloud use case. The metadata provider is part of that, obviously. And, I would like to see a local metadata provider, but I don't want to make that a blocker here in any way.

fedora-cloud-20-20130718.i386 works for me, with fedora-cloud-i386-20-20130718.i386 as the temporary workaround.

we are still doing scratch builds due to some bugs in koji, missing supprt for url in kickstart is the main reason

we still can not do real builds of images in koji due to the lack of url support in koji's kickstart handling. I have filed https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1217170 to track the issue with koji

We are now doing real build for f24 up

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