#5655 Schedule and coordinate mass rebuild for F20

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Coordinate the packages that need to be rebuilt for F20

We try to have no more than one mass rebuild per cycle. So we need to list the things that need a mass rebuild and then schedule it to happen.

Some known scheduling concerns:

  • Should happen before branching for Alpha Currently scheduled as: "no earlier than 2013-08-06" [1]_
  • Infra has an on-site visit to the colo that could impact the builders. We need to schedule around that. Nirik says after the 17th of July should be fine.

.. [1]_: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Schedule#Key_Milestones

Some things for the mass rebuild:

Should probably also check with the rpm team and the gcc team to see if they have things that will require a mass rebuild.

Another candidate for inclusion in the mass rebuild (announced a few moments ago, not approved by FESCo yet but requires coordination with owner, adding pmachata to CC):
* Fedora 20 Boost 1.54 Uplift: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/F20Boost154

Mass rebuilding can not be used for ABI/API bumps we do not do any build ordering and builds do not land in the buildroot. its just outside the scope for mass rebuilds. boost needs to be handled separately.

we really do not have time to do the mass rebuild. If we start on July 17th, first run through should finish around July 24th. this will leave us 12 days to do clean up. So i guess that is what we will do.

ok, so we have the koji storage move and cant start until after. so we are looking at starting on July 20th and finishing July 27th or so. with about a week to clean up failures. though looking at the schedule i have some issues with it that ill bring to FESCo

Perl SIG has just started [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/perl5.18 Perl 5.18 rebuild]. [https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/5659 Rel-engs gave us only 7 days] which is unfeasible.

Perl SIG does ordered rebuild and has experience about 4 weeks are needed. (It's not only about plain rebuild, the majority of time consumes fixing packages. Though it can be much faster this year because Perl grounding is polished after last two regular mass rebuilds.)

Perl SIG can continue with Perl rebuild even after merging to rawhide, but I have to express concerns that not yet rebuilt Perl packages can block building substantial parts of packages in the whole-Fedora rebuild. Perl SIG predicts 2940 packages are subject of Perl rebuild.

Note that https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/UnversionedDocdirs (not yet accepted) should happen before the mass rebuild.

1) libtool hardening patch 2) docdir patch, 3) ARM 4) Perl rebuild must be done before mass rebuild. nirik volunteered to do first two. Let's speak about it again next week on FESCo.

Notting points out that the https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Web_Assets change also needs FPC guidelines approved and then redhat-rpm-macros changes. Unless these could be done after mass rebuild?

I would consider those to be something to do after the mass rebuild. If I haven't missed anything in the Change proposal: the guidelines and macros changes will enable the unbundling and packaging of javascript files. Then, for many releases, we'll see application packages start to remove their bundled javascript files and instead, package them up as separate packages from upstream and copy the files from the directories specified in that Change into the application at build time.

Unbundling will require manual packaging work and also will take many releases to complete. So it's not something that will benefit from a mass rebuild.

Mass rebuild is done, we have clean up to go.

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