#5653 script automatic weekly install rawhide trees
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This was removed as part of the No Frozen Rawhide at the anaconda team's request. Dennis mentions that at this point they're for having a weekly tree (but no more). Dennis further notes that this is basically just a matter of

  • setup a cronjob
  • get the compose box to mount /pub/alt rw
  • automate cleanup of old trees

And Kevin noted that the rw mount was no problem.

we would want a script to run on the compose box, it would need to
checkout spin-kickstarts, update the urls to be ones inside of phx2
run run-pungi and using the date as the release field using rawhide mock configs
sync the bits to a location in alt
keep say the last two trees

And let me toss into the end "and then emit a fedmsg notification saying that it's done". :)

Anaconda folks are ok with daily, so for that part we can just re-enable pungify for rawhide nightly cron script.

For dvd images/tree, we still will need a weekly (or daily or whatever) script to do those.

Why would we need dvd images/tree as part of this? Merely for size checking?

Yeah I'm +1 to doing it without worrying about the DVDs. If we eventually want to run automatic QA on those images (for size testing or even more), then we can look at enabling them at that point.

So, if we don't want the dvd images here, we are done?

Or we still do want dvd composes?

I am all for ignoring DVD composes.

since we make anaconda install trees nightly now there is nothing to do here

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