#5416 torrent.fp.o no longer lists spins (other than Desktop and KDE) for stable releases
Closed: Invalid None Opened 7 years ago by robatino.

For 16 and 17, http://torrent.fedoraproject.org/ shows no spins, other than Desktop and KDE. I thought they used to be there. All the corresponding .torrent files are still in http://torrent.fedoraproject.org/spins/ , though.

Not that I'm aware of. The spins have always just been on the spins torrent page since weve had them.

Looking at a few snapshots from http://wayback.archive.org/web/*/http://torrent.fedoraproject.org , you're right. Sorry about that, I should have checked that before. However, it would be nice if there was a link to https://spins.fedoraproject.org/ from http://torrent.fedoraproject.org/ , since there may be a tendency for people to assume that all torrents are available on the latter page (the name "torrent.fp.o" doesn't suggest that only install images are available).

What I just wrote about only having install images was wrong, obviously, but the point is the same (the name suggests that all Fedora Project torrents will be there).

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