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Torrent Releases Infrastructure SOP

http://torrent.fedoraproject.org/ is our master torrent server for
Fedora distribution. It runs out of ServerBeach.

Contact Information

Owner: Fedora Infrastructure Team

Contact: #fedora-admin, sysadmin-torrent group

Location: ibiblio

Servers: torrent.fedoraproject.org

Purpose: Provides the torrent master server for Fedora distribution

Torrent Release

When you want to add a new torrent to the tracker at
http://torrent.fedoraproject.org you need to take the following steps
to have it listed correctly:

1. login to torrent.fedoraproject.org. If you are unable to do so please
   contact the fedora infrastructure group about access. This procedure
   requires membership in the torrentadmin group.
2. upload the files you want to add to the torrent to
3. use sha1sum and verify the file you have uploaded matches the source
4. organize the files into subdirs (or not) as you would like
5. run /srv/torrent/new/maketorrent [file-or-dir-to-torrent]
   ([file-or-dir-to-torrent]) to generate a .torrent file or files
6. copy the .torrent file(s) to: /srv/torrent/www/torrents/$yourOrg/
7. cd to /srv/torrent/torrent-generator/ or /srv/torrent/spins-generator/
   (depending on if it is an official release or spins release)
8. add a .ini file in this directory for the content you'll be
   torrenting. we use fedora-torrent-ini.py from fedora releng git repo to generate it
9. mv all files from /srv/torrent/new/$yourOrg into
   /srv/torrent/btholding/ - this includes the files you uploaded as well
   as the .torrent files you've created.

Your files will be linked on the website and available on the tracker
after this.

$yourOrg is one of fedora or spins

this all needs to be setup to be done via a single script.

torrent.fp.o is at ibiblio not serverbeach as it says at the top.

this does not seem to be a koji related ticket

Come Fedora 23 we should integrate making the .torrent files and torrent tree as part of the compose process.

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