#5162 Keep Branched TCs/RCs until Final GOLD
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After some responses were gathered on test list, I humbly ask RelEng team to keep all the TCs/RCs available in the future until Fedora Branched is GOLD, unless some technical problems appear (storage, bandwidth). It will improve the release quality.

To clarify here, do you mean:

  • Once there's a GO at a go/no-go meeting for final, the content can be removed


  • Once the actual release happens and final images are available to the public, the content can be removed


something else?

I'd prefer waiting to the public availability, rather than just GO decision.

But that's just a minor detail. I reported this ticket because sometimes in the past the Alpha images were removed once Alpha was released, and then it was hard to bisect issues found in Beta-TC1, for example. If we can keep all the TCs/RCs for the whole development cycle (3 months usually), that's perfect for me. It doesn't matter much if we remove them at GO decision or at public availability.

Waiting until public availability also helps developers that are working on issues related to Final TC/RC composes. Otherwise those images wouldn't be suddenly available and developers would have to download Beta and hundreds of updates.

Sure. Thats fine.

The only side issue is if we get too many people hitting it and downloading it from our master mirrors, preventing BW for mirrors to get final content. If that happens we may have to close the final RC directory or the like.
(so far it seems fine today, high, but not worrying).

We are doing this now, no reason I can see to keep it open...

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