#5131 Please block rubygem-activesupport2.3 from F17+
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by codehotter.

Since I originally submitted this package upstream has dropped support for rails 2.3, and Fedora has moved on to Ruby 1.9.3. Both of these changes make it more difficult to maintain this old rails. Further, many projects that required rails 2.3 have now moved on to rails 3 as well, like redmine. The usefulness of rails 2.3 in Fedora has diminished.

Note that rails version 3 (the upstream supported version) is already in Fedora for some time.

rubygem-activesupport2.3 is part of rails 2.3. The remaining packages required for rails are still in review requests. (This is part of the reason I am giving up on rails 2.3).


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4 years ago

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