#5116 Create Fedora 17 Beta test compose (TC) - live and traditional
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It's time for the Beta TC:


Create Beta Test Compose (TC) Tue 2012-03-06

If possible, please include these three builds:

it'd just be good to have both kernel and anaconda up to date. I've given both a smoke test. The PA build fixes the 'no sound' bug. It's marked stable but it's only just been pushed, so I'm listing it here in case it needs special attention to pull in.

Re-opening for TC2. Please pull in:

Can you please test boot the boot.iso before pushing the compose out? bcl made a test boot.iso which he and I confirmed works, but tflink also tried to build one and could not get one which successfully booted to the start of anaconda; dbus would fail to start up. So can you just test yours and see if it fails like Tim's before we make it public? If so, we'll have to ask bcl's advice for getting a successful compose.

lorax has to be part of the compose environment, of course. dracut may need to be as well.

http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/stage/17-Beta.TC2/ there is no 32 bit LXDE and no gnome live images since they failed to compose

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