#5083 Create Fedora 17 Alpha release candidate (RC) - live and traditional
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Requesting RC1 for Fedora 17 Alpha, with the major desktop lives.

We're two days early, but current blockers: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Current_Release_Blockers - are all addressed, so we can go ahead with an RC build at this point, may as well get ahead.

The following builds have not been tagged f17 (were done after the freeze) and should be pulled in:

These other blocker-fixing builds are tagged f17, but do make sure they get pulled into / used for the compose:

We really want this one:
in! Without it, Plasma shows a blank (all black) desktop background.

Dennis, we'll treat 790607 as accepted NTH based on the votes so far. If you didn't kick off the compose yet, please also include the update Kevin requested:

uh, systemd is listed twice - use systemd-43 not systemd-42.

Re-opening for RC3, though we may not be able to build it right now.

The builds that should be pulled in, as well as all those for RC1 and RC2, are:

These builds fix the following bugs compared to RC2:



However, one blocker is not fixed by any of the above: http://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=794899 ""plymouth" not installed in F-17 Alpha RC2 and causes boot to freeze". We have committed a change to comps which fixes this bug, but Dennis says that doesn't take effect until a full mash is done on the repository, which will take some time. We should compose only once that comps change (adding plymouth to comps) will go into effect in the compose.

Re-opening for RC4. Please pull these builds, in addition to all the others:

These will fix the following blocker bug:

and the following NTH bugs:


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