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Build F-17 collection packages for all language translators

Compose of Live Image of Software Review UI for Translation

Due Fri 2012-03-02

Thanks for adding me!
On the schedule, it is said 2012-03-02, however the action of sending reminder to package maintainers was a bit slow... it is my bad. It is asking to pull, re-pack and push by 2012-03-02. Therefore the image needs to be composed after this date.
Could you please compose the image on 2012-03-05 instead?

Btw, the reminder above currently on hold by moderator, and not get thorugh to devel-announce yet :-(

yes we can wait a couple of days

Hello, [[BR]]

Has the image been composed?[[BR]]
QA test will be started around 22:00UTC 6-Mar in apac region (17:00 Bos, 8:00 +1 Bne). Please advise, thanks!

We had issues with pushing updates so we have not composed a translated iso since the updates with translations are not available to test. it will be done asap

In case, the issues depend on particular package(s), it would be much appreciated an image is supplied asap which does contain the updates with translations for other unaffected packages. In this way, we still can test unaffected packages.

Thank you so much! [[BR]]
For future tests, Fedora Localization Test Group has now been formed. Please put this group ML (fltg at lists.fp.o) next time when new ticket for a image compose created.[[BR]]
Thanks again.

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