#4994 Make it clear in releng SOPs that branching must be complete prior to Alpha compose
Closed: Invalid None Opened 8 years ago by adamwill.

I'm working through the F16 QA retrospective:


One of the notes there from jlaska reads:

jlaska - Alpha branch - Unclear when the F16 branch was completed as not all tasks in the Mass_Branching_SOP were completed. The SOP either needs to be followed or updated.

MirrorManager was not updated to add a fedora-16 repo tag, therefore, TC1 installations could not find a repository to install from (RHBZ #727428)
TC1 images were built with Version=16-Alpha.TC1 specified as the --version argument to pungi. This results in a file /.buildstamp in the install image with an incorrect version (Version=16-Alpha.TC1) that is used as the $releasever variable for yum. The net result is that there are no yum repos that match repo=16-Alpha.TC1&arch=x86_64. The version needs to be an integer, or MirrorManager redirects need to be established prior to compose.
The fedora-release package was not properly updated to include [fedora] with enabled=1. As a result, TC1 images included a fedora-release package that didn't enable the Fedora 16 repos.
The fedora-release package was not updated to include the Fedora 16 release name Verne. This is a minor issue, but results in login prompts claiming the system is Rawhide. Recommend updating (or creating) the existing Mass_Branching_SOP to document expected results when updating fedora-release
adamw - seems branching may not actually have been completed by time of TC1 delivery, even. Perhaps appropriate releng SOPs should be updated to clarify that branching - or at least some specified subset of branching tasks - must be completed before Alpha TC1 delivery

Due to all of those issues, it seems like releng should have an SOP for all the various tasks involved in branching, and the relationships between releng SOPs should make it clear that all the branching tasks have to be completed before an Alpha compose is attempted.

TCS for alpha are actually done before branching. this is not fixable.

further anaconda now ignores -Alpha.TC1 etc and will just pass 17 this time around

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