#4985 Extend test image creation SOP to require notification of delays
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by adamwill.

Working through the F16 QA retrospective here:


One of the notes is:

"jlaska - Alpha TC1 - Missed the Alpha-TC1 milestone by 1 week, little to no communication regarding status. With only two weeks Alpha ISO test time, losing 50% of time almost certainly results in a slip. See rel-eng ticket#4844 . None of the Alpha rel-eng release tickets have been filed at this time.

adamw - perhaps releng image compose SOP should require updating of ticket with progress info, especially when image compose / delivery is delayed?"

So: this ticket proposes that the releng 'Composing test images' SOP - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Composing_test_images - should be extended to require whoever is creating the images to post a comment on the image request ticket if the compose is delayed, explaining the reasons for the delay (so that any other interested party can attempt to contribute to resolving them) and giving a best estimate of an ETA if possible (so other groups can adjust their scheduling as best they can).


Now I look at it closely, that SOP is for RATS image compose, not for full candidate build compose. There appears to be no SOP for full candidate build compose. One should probably be created.

I changed the component, because this does not appear to be a koji-related ticket.

I don't think there's anything controversial here.

Typically if there are delays they are discussed on irc, but I think updating the ticket would be great too.

I updated the wiki page about this.

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