#4951 Create Fedora 16 Final test compose (TC) - live and traditional
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It's TC time (we moved it up to the RATS date again)! Install media and main live desktops are requested. As we're at Final, please build SoaS images now.

We specifically want to ensure the following builds are in the compose:

We specifically do not want the following build in the compose as it's known broken:

Please also ensure the changes to spin-kickstarts for grub are committed before doing the build (to ensure grub-efi and grub2 are present on all images).

Re-opening for TC2.

Please include:

and all others in stable. Thanks!

Re-opening, we'd best do a TC3 as we don't have all blockers clear to do an RC1.

It's a bit hard to list the packages because we need to rebuild the pending 'blocker fix' packages for the glibc issue. The only exception is:

That one's already built against glibc -14, so it doesn't need rebuilding.

The other pending blocker fixes are:

Again, all those need rebuilding for glibc before pulling in. Obviously, glibc -14 itself should also be pulled in.

Pending NTH fixes are:

Again, all these need rebuilding for glibc before pulling in.


Since this isn't done yet, we can pull in one more blocker fix:

It was built against glibc -14, so it does not need a rebuild.

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