#4727 block trytond-google-translate in rawhide
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by sharkcz.

Please block the {{{trytond-google-translate}}} package in rawhide, it's retired in pkgdb and koji needs an update too.

Nick, sorry, with rawhide I meant dist-f16, it must be included in dist-f15


koji list-pkgs --package trytond-google-translate --show-blocked
Package Tag Extra Arches Owner

trytond-google-translate dist-6E-epel sharkcz
trytond-google-translate dist-5E-epel sharkcz
trytond-google-translate dist-f11 sharkcz
trytond-google-translate dist-f16 sharkcz [BLOCKED]

Metadata Update from @sharkcz:
- Issue assigned to npetrov

3 years ago

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