#4654 Can directory for install images be called "Install" instead of "Fedora"?
Closed: Invalid None Opened 9 years ago by robatino.

Currently the directories for install and live images are called "Fedora" and "Live", resp. Any reason the install directory can't simply be called "Install"? It's more informative. I asked this on the devel list:


but it didn't get much response. There's no rush, of course.

There's much infrastructure that depends on the particular layout and naming of these directories. I'd be very hesitant to rename anything unless there's some overwhelming reason to do otherwise.

Well, the current name is unhelpful to users, and the change would only have to be done once. The directory layout wouldn't change, just the name of this one directory.

Just realized that Fedora/ contains not just install images, but also the source image. I suppose the source directory could be moved up one level, so you'd have Install/, Live/, and Source/ at the same level. Whatever the change is, it's more difficult than I thought (unless one just ignores the source image and calls the directory Install/ anyway).

It is a subset of the sources, that is the sources required for the binaries in the Fedora/ part. The Fedora/ part is also a subset of the packages, the ones we put on physical media. They are separated partly for export reasons, and partly for convenience of just mirroring the install set vs everything.

Since there's no one on rel-eng that seems eager to work on this, and that the benefits are not compelling, let's just not.

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