#4604 Block perl-Test-Exception from EL-6
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by spot.

As pointed out in this bug:


perl-Test-Exception is in RHEL 6 and EPEL, so the EPEL package should be blocked and removed from the repodata.


Please dead.package that branch and retire in pkgdb when you get a chance.


If Test::Exception is in RHEL-6, why is this happening:


DEBUG util.py:247: Getting requirements for perl-Test-CheckChanges-0.14-2.el6.src
DEBUG util.py:247: --> 1:perl-Module-Build-0.3500-115.el6.i686
DEBUG util.py:247: Error: No Package found for perl(Test::Exception)
DEBUG util.py:320: Child returncode was: 1

because it wasnt propperly handled. it was blocked in dist-6E-epel but not unblocked in dist-6E-epel-build after the next newRepo you should be ok

oops. My fault. I thought I did it correctly, but must have missed a step. ;(

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