#4355 metadata for "grouped" files on master mirror
Closed: Invalid None Opened 12 years ago by mdomsch.

This may be less of an issue now that we don't have the split CD set, but I would like it if rel-eng could produce a file into the master mirror tree for "groups" of files that should be a single consistent download set, such as a DVD and the checksum file, or the set of files that are together inside a single torrent. MirrorManager is growing the idea of a "file group", a single requestable entity that will return a metalink listing each of the files in the file group. The intent was to use it for the multi-CD download sets, but it's just as valuable for the DVD and checksum file, or other similar groups. But it needs to be a file (say, .fileset or something), in a directory that MM can find and use to build the FileGroups.

In todays meeting (15.09.2014) it was unclear what actually needs to be done here and whether this is still an issue. Can you please describe an example file that needs to be generated?

Closing due to age and no feedback from requestor.

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